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Sarah Stevens – My Virtual Assistant Stevenage Region

Sarah has many years’ experience working in the field of administration, she has a degree in Organisation and Management and has worked as a police officer and Head Teacher. She has a vast array of skills to support you in your business and the main element of this is the aptitude for listening to clients and finding suitable ways to support you.

Sarah brings to her role as virtual assistant a very wide range of skills from presentation to diary management, event organising to arranging webex meetings. I think it may be simplest to say why not ask to see if Sarah can help your business.

Sarah is a confident user of many Microsoft applications, social media, website creative tools and educational and other software, she can learn other applications quickly, and is excited by the opportunities presented for your organisation by using new apps, survey and tracking information and  ‘cloud computing.’

Sarah has a young family and enjoys spending time with them as they pursue hobbies such as; hockey, cycling, travelling and wildlife protection. As her eldest son has just formed a band much time is also spent in promotional work for him.

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If you would like to discuss how we can assist your business, please email us or call on the number below. We will get back to you promptly to answer your queries and provide all the information you may need.

Email us at:
Call us on: *0843 289 8179

* Calls to 084 numbers will cost 7p per minute, your telephone provider (including mobile providers) may add an additional access charge.

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