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Head Office and Media Enquiries

Managing Director: Justine Curtis
Telephone: 0844 357 1409

Registered in England & Wales (company number 6523344).
Registered Address:  14/30 City Business Centre, Hyde Street, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 7TA

Regional Offices:

Regional Director: Jackie Lane
Telephone: *0844 884 9608
Info: Virtual Assistant Chelmsford

Regional Director: Avril James
Telephone: *0843 886 6986
Info: Virtual Assistant Coventry

Regional Director: Joanne Smith
Telephone: *0844 357 1409
Info: Virtual Assistant Durham

London SW
Regional Director: Virginie Savard
Telephone: *0843 289 4147
Info: Virtual Assistant London SW

Regional Director: Abi Lapade
Telephone: *0843 886 5816
Info: Virtual Assistant Northampton

Regional Director: Angela Jackson
Telephone: *0843 886 0091
Info: Virtual Assistant Sheffield

Regional Director: Justine Curtis
Telephone: *0844 357 1409
Info: Virtual Assistant Southampton

Regional Director: Sarah Stevens
Telephone: *0843 289 8179
Info: Virtual Assistant Stevenage

* Calls to numbers beginning with 084 will cost 7p per minute, your telephone provider (including mobile providers) may add an additional access charge.

Do You Want To Be A Virtual Assistant?

If you are interested in working with us as a Virtual Assistant, and you are interested in running your own business, click here for exciting information.

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